A Well Equipped Home Chef

Tools are the key to any trade. Whether it be hammer and nails or mixers and spoons, tools are what make or break the efficiency of performing the key aspects of any trade. Chefs across the globe state that there are essential tools that any chef, professional or home need. To be your best in your kitchen, be sure to have the best restaurant supply.

The Basics

Examining the state of your kitchen is a key and first step of being a serious cook, this applies to you who is planning to join a culinary school and become a chef or in case you are interested in cooking perfect dishes at home. Some people compares the bargain cookware with the tools used by the pros but in real sense there is a major difference between the two. When you use the right equipment as a chef or at home kitchen, they make a world of difference.

Basic tools make cooking easier. Each tool has its utility and sometimes can even be used for purposes other than their intended one. Some of thebasics that every chef or cook needs include:

  • Baking Sheet
  • 2 Cutting Boards
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Spatula
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Whisk
  • Can Opener
  • One large and one small pot

These are the core basics to prepare delicious foods and meals. The baking sheet is useful for cooking cookies and breads as well as small cuts of meats. The home cook can also use this tool to cool foods. The purpose for two cutting boards is to prevent salmonella from spreading. The home or even professional chef would not want to cut their fresh fruits and vegetables on the same board that they are preparing raw meats.

Measuring cups and spoons can be used to measure ingredients or to make uniform dollops for cookies, muffins and even cupcakes. The spatula can remove dough and batter from bowls, measuring tools, and can help to remove cookies and cakes from pans. Having both a wooden spoon and a mixing is handy to combine and stir while simmering different types of foods.

Finally, the whisk can beat stiff peaks in egg whites and help to make smoother gravies and embellishments for many different meals. Many also use the whisk to fluff eggs just right for breakfast entrees that melt in the mouth. A can opener helps to remove contents from cans. The small and large pots allow for cooking a variety of sizes of dishes and simmering more than one dish at a time.

Starting with these basics will equip the home chef in developing an efficient kitchen and producing many delicious meals. These will not be the only pieces of equipment that the home chef stops at, but they are the perfect way to start building a home kitchen as impressive as those the professional chefs work in.