Things You Need to Consider Purchasing for Your Kitchen

Now let’s look at some things you need in the kitchen for you to master the craft.

Kitchen Scale
One of the ultimate goal of the restaurant industry is to get same result every time, and to attain that goal, you should weigh the weight of thing instead of measuring them by volume. For instance, a cup of two different flour can vary wildly because of reasons such as difference in humidity between, difference in ages of the flour and the pressure you scoop the flour with. That why measuring using weight is always recommendable because you are sure how much you are putting in the recipe. You may consider buying CJ400 scale which is very accurate and capable of weighing down to half a gram and up to 4000 grams. My Weigh KD -8000 is another good option you may consider, it allows you to measure you ingredients in proportion to the main ingredients used.

All-Clad Fry Pan
In case you want to turn you kitchen to a great kitchen, then you should have this pan, the pans are pricey however they are very durable. The bonded steel used in building the pan is able to evenly distribute the heat, making it ideal for cooking. You may try the All-Clad 8-Inch Stainless Street Fry Pan, you can use the pan to make omelets, cook meat or pan-frying vegetables. The advantage of this pan compared to the flat one is that with this pan you can easily remove or turn food easily because of its gently sloping sides.

A Wooden Spoon
A good wooden spoon is always a favored utensils, the advantage of this spoon is that it does not melt at high heat which makes it great for scooping and stirring. Make sure to use the spoon when creating a creamy sauce, when roughing up rice grains or when cooking risotto dishes. You may purchase Calphalon Medium Wooden Spoon, the spoon is made of solid beechwood.

Locking Tongs
Most home kitchens underutilize the locking tongs, however, in professional kitchens they are frequently used for tossing, turning, plating, placing and at times stirring. A good pair of tongs for instance the Rosle Stainless Steel pair can be used as your hand extension.Rosle Stainless Steel pair has a patented mechanism meaning you can open and lock it using one hand. Also, in case if you prefer a non-slip handles you can use the OXO’s version.
As I conclude, you will make your cooking easier, faster and enjoyable once you start using the right equipment. Good luck in the kitchen as you try the above items.