The Must Haves Of Top Chefs

Every profession has those tools that laborers find invaluable. The cooking trade is no different. If asked many chefs would state that they have that one tool that they simply cannot do without. It is their go to when issues arise and the one tool that makes everything they do in the kitchen easier.

Many chefs will state that a solid set of knives is that one tool. Knives are what are used for prepping and presenting the meals that they cook. A solid set of knives of varying sizes are the way that cook times can be enhanced and presentation can become spectacular. Chefs state that knives should be not only well stored and accessible at all times, but they should also be well maintained so they are ready to use when they are needed.

A second tool that many chefs state is invaluable in the kitchen is a cake tester. It has its use in making sure the consistency of baked goods are even every time. What this tool can also be used for is testing internal temperatures of other foods other than pastries and cakes. A cake tester can also determine the texture of vegetables as they are cooking. This ensures that every dish being served is just the right texture and temperature to be perfect.

Pastry chefs have also weighed in on what they feel are some of those must have tools in the kitchen. One of their favorites is a dish. This looks a lot like an ice cream scoop, but it does so much more. It has that internal blade that runs around the scoop to ensure that foods are dispensed evenly. While some do use it for ice cream, chefs tend to use this tool to make sure their muffins, cookies, and cupcakes are all an even and uniform size every time.

The dishes is also preferred by chefs because it makes baking faster and easier. No guesswork in determining whether each cupcake or muffin has the same amount of batter. It also messes free. Simply scoop the batter up and dispense into the baking receptacle. No dripping and no messes to clean up.

These same pastry chefs swear by having a small serrated knife. These knives are perfect for getting a smooth even cut on doughs without compressing the dough. That gentle sawing nature of the serrated knife allows doughs to hold their air pockets better. These air pockets are what make bread and rolls so light and fluffy. The even edged knife uses a compression to cut and that flattens dough.

The small, serrated knife is also perfect to shape and carve cakes. Again the way that the serrated knife cuts preserve the interior crumb of the cake. This makes it easier to get odd and unusual cake shapes without destroying the integrity of the cake. Preserving the interior crumb of the cake when carving it also makes applying frosting or icing to the cake easier with way fewer crumbs to deal with.

An induction burner is also rated as one of the top choices among chefs to have in the kitchen. The induction burner can bring cold water to a boil 5 times faster than the standard burner on your stove. It also maintains a level and even heat the entire time that foods are being cooked on it. It offers incredibly accurate cooking without scorching or burning foods. A benefit is that this unit will free up burners on the stove for preparation of other foods at the same time.