Equipment for Professional Chef

Cast iron pans are another item that many chefs swear by. These pans come in a variety of sizes so whether using it for omelets or one pan meal, there will always be the right size available. Starting with one or two media to large pans is how many top chefs have started their collections. Adding a new pan here and there rounds out the available sizes and uses for the pans.

Some say that the pans are heavy and hard to store. Some top chefs answer this issue by storing the pans in the oven until they are needed. The heat from cooking other foods on the stove top help to season the pans and keep them free from rust. Having the pans in the oven also makes them very accessible when they are needed.

What The Top Chefs Cannot Live Without

Chefs are people too. They have homes they go to every night and families waiting for them there. These individuals leave their professional kitchens and go home to their personal kitchens after every day at work. These individuals have their preferred tools that they use in their professional kitchens, and some of those tools can also be found in their home kitchens.

The chefs do have those things that they state are can’t live without tools. These are the things that make cooking and preparing meals and snacks absolutely hassle free. Many items are those things which we already have in our home kitchens and simply do not realize that they have valid uses outside of the conventionally accepted use.

Aluminum Foil

Believe it or not, aluminum foil made the top of the chef’s list of cannot do without. The foil has so many uses that it is no wonder it is the number one tool needed in the kitchen. To start one can wrap and save food in it. The foil is also awesome for lining ovens racks with to prevent drips and to cool and store food in.

Foil can aid in preventing over browning of pie crusts. Simply crimp some foil along the edge of the pie and the crust will stay golden brown and not burn. Foil is also the perfect way to cook on the grill. Making foil boats for fish, potatoes and even chopped vegetables offers a way to get that grilled taste without burning or losing your food. Using foil to grill fish also ensures it will not stick and be destroy on the grill grates. Many still wrap whole potatoes with foil and set them on the coals of the fire for delicious baked potatoes.

Kitchen Shears

We all know that the standard kitchen shears can cut through bones and separate ribs. Although the standard kitchen shears can be used for so much more. Portioning is one aspect of what they can do. They can also open packing that is hard to tear or rip. Twine for roasts can also be cut with kitchen shears. As a general utility tool, the shears are one which cannot be done without for they make the job of food preparation so much easier.

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer can combine and mix a wide variety of concoctions. Doughs that get stiff and hard for many to stir is one advantage of having a stand mixer. These mixers allow for consistency with the preparation of foods as well. Making the same foods multiple times can sometimes result in different textures which affect the taste of the food. When the texture is consistent, the taste and quality of the food will be consistent as well.

The stand mixer is also perfect for foods that need to be beaten or mixed for long periods of time. Such foods include meringues, creams, and doughs. The stand mixer will not get tired, slow down or stop.